Discount language arts tutor and freelance writer now serving central New Jersey (and virtually available to anyone, anywhere!)

The following is an advertisement that I just posted on Craigslist, with some slight additions!  If you would like some samples of my work, or if you know someone who needs quality writing or tutoring in the language arts, you are welcome to contact me!  I appreciate your consideration!

In this competitive economy, you may need a discount!  That’s why I am offering language arts tutoring and freelance writing services starting at only $25 an hour!

Right now, it’s more important than ever to learn the craft of the written word so you can express yourself eloquently and effectively!

I have been studying and teaching literature, language arts, and writing, both creatively and for practical purposes, for over ten years now.

I have taught in a variety of settings, including public high school, learning centers, and as a private tutor.

I am currently tutoring students from eighth grade up to graduate school, so I am flexible and creative.

Whether you or your child need to master the basics of writing, or you are fine tuning your style so you can move up the corporate ladder, I can meet your needs.

I have recently helped several individuals craft their resumes, and I’ve written stunning letters of recommendation for colleagues, helping them find excellent employment situations even in this difficult financial climate.

In the last year I have started a freelance writing business and a group for aspiring and established writers.  You can find out about these resources by exploring this blog and by visiting the writers group meetup website, at

For a free consultation with me personally, and to find out if we would be a good fit to work together on language arts tutoring or freelance writing, give me a call on my cell phone at 848-248-0143 or email me at

I am currently serving the central New Jersey region.  I have connections in several areas of this part of the state, including Neptune, Matawan, Keyport, Somerset, and Hunterdon County.  I am primarily looking for in-person contacts between Somerset and Neptune, approximately, although I am willing to make exceptions.

I also subscribe to a virtual meeting service, so if you are not from this area and you would like to take advantage of my extremely reasonable prices and learn from my expertise, I would be happy to meet with you online and using my software subscription I can tutor you just as I would if we were meeting in person.


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