I realize how much I love writing!

Dear readers,

Now that I’ve started blogging regularly, and also because I am actively writing every day, whether it’s journaling about one of the areas of my life, catching up with a friend through email or social networking, or promoting my writers group and creating what’s next for the group, I’m realizing how much I love to write.

Much like some people obsess over exercising (like my girlfriend) and as I know other people love sports or hobbies, I realize how much the act of writing — anything — gets me thinking and energized on a level that’s just not available on the days that I don’t write!

The really interesting thing is that it almost doesn’t matter what I’m writing about.  Whether it’s helping a grad student I tutor brainstorm ideas for her paper, or creating a list of random things I like to do on facebook, or pounding out the agenda and topic of discussion at the next writers group meetup, when I type and think and get my ideas out into the world, I feel great.

I’ve also noticed that the opposite is true.  When I’m not writing for whatever reason, because I’m taking the day off or just preoccupied with other things, I don’t get that extra jolt.

While I’ve always known I’m a great writer and while I’ve always enjoyed writing, I’m not sure I’ve ever realized how important it is to me as a release and as a way to get my thoughts out and my energy flowing.  I think I’m going to start to make it a practice to write regularly, not only because I want to get my thoughts out there and keep my energy flowing towards writing a novel or deepening my connections with other writers, but also because of the difference that it makes for me personally.

This insight also makes me think about what I would like my freelance writing and language coaching practice to ultimately be about.  I am definitely, in the short term, interested in focusing on writing for pay, and providing individuals with excellent copy and the kind of eloquent prose that can create jobs, express an important thought, or heal relationships.  While I am providing all of that, however, I’m also interested in how I can achieve a larger goal; namely, to share my love of writing with others, and to help people discover that writing can be for them a self-expression and a way to express a zest for life!

That way, my writing business will not be as much about writing for people so that they will always need me as a crutch — in the famous story, catching a fish for a boy — but instead, ultimately conveying and communicating how important language is and the joy and fulfillment created by the written word when it is used effectively, so that the people whose lives I touch internalize that and ultimately create that for themselves — teaching the boy to fish.

That’s something that I can get inspired about, and that’s a reason to continue to expand and build on my writing practice!  Your comments and ideas are welcome!


One thought on “I realize how much I love writing!

  1. Congratulations. It’s great to find something you’re passionate about. ^^ I don’t really have any ideas for starting a writing business, but I wish you the best of luck on it. 🙂

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