What are the simple disciplines?

One of the things that I’m clear about as a writer is that it is a practice. The last meetup that our writers group had last night focused on this fact and highlighted the idea that writing is a marathon, not a sprint!

We are having a virtual meetup this coming Sunday and we will be investigating this idea further and coming up with some ideas of simple things that we can do quickly to get our writing practice to the next level!

I know that one of the things that I do is complicate things! I often feel that I have to have a genius insight if I’m really going to make significant progress! There’s nothing wrong with being brilliant, and I even would say that I do that sometimes, but the problem that I see with this paradigm is that there is no room for the day to day routine making a difference, where genius is homegrown over time rather than as a flash of breakthrough revelation in one moment of time!

I would like to solicit you for your thoughts about what those simple disciplines are that we can do as writers, or that you could do to strengthen your writing and move it to the next level!

You can email me at transitionaltenses@gmail.com or comment on the blog! I would love to get your ideas about what you see that would make a difference!

The first one that comes to mind for me is learning new words! I often work on my vocabulary as a way to increase my skill as a writer, and I emphasize this with the students of all ages, from early grade school to grad school and beyond, who I tutor!

If you learned a word a day, what impact would that have on your writing?

What other ideas do you see?


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