My thoughts about today’s writers group meetup!

Dear reader,

I really enjoyed today’s writers group! It was a positive group and I think we all got value out of being there!

One of the things that I noticed about the way that today’s group went that was a little different than previous meetups was, today there was a focus for the group in the form of the discussion questions! It really makes a difference, I think, to have a structure in place and to facilitate a group where we’re taking turns and going around in a circle, at least to start!

I love a free-flowing dialogue, so I continue to have the commitment to a group that can be a conversation and a discussion rather than something where everyone is restricted to strict “turns.”

There were times today when some people contributed more than others or one of our members gave feedback or insights to someone else, or when members weren’t sure what their answer was and so skipped answering a question. We didn’t do a true round robin and we skipped around a little bit, but we definitely kept on track much more than in previous meetups so in that sense, the meetup was a definite success!

I love talking with other writers about what they’re up to, sharing with them my dreams and vision, and helping to create a conversation where we can support each other and make a difference with one another.

I am committed that everyone in the group who has a commitment to be published, is published, by no later than the end of this year!

If you’d like to find out more about our writers group, check us out on the web! Our next meetup is August 30th!


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