Consistency is the key to success!

This blog is about becoming a more skilled writer or, even if you’d like to hire me to be skilled on your behalf (which works for me, hahaha), I still want you to learn something about language and how to be effective when you do express yourself with writing.

I’m going to start this post off with a poll, so please vote and feel free to post your comments as well!

Why this poll? Well, I was thinking about what I’d like to ask you, and I realized that one of the measures of success in any area, and especially in the area of language and writing, is consistency.

As many of you know, I’m building a part-time business and working on a couple of different business projects. I have a few business mentors who are not big readers and probably wouldn’t read a book under any circumstances if it was up to them. Left to their own habits, if they were not in business, their answer to this poll would probably be, “What’s a book?”

However, they are in business, and they’ve adapted the simple, consistent habit to read at least ten pages of a good book a day. Why? They read because ten pages of a quality, life-transforming, mind altering book every single day alters the way they think about themselves, and the way they relate to their lives and their businesses. They are left more powerful, free, and successful in their business, just by maintaining this simple but awesome discipline.

One of the keys to their success, I believe, is consistency.

If you read an amazing book, but only did it once a year, how much would that really impact your life? Even if you went on a reading marathon and read thousands of pages, without some sort of follow up or reinforcement I submit to you that all of that work would not ultimately be nearly as effective or as lasting as doing a little bit every single day.

I believe this is true because reading stretches your mind the same way that going to the gym exercises your muscles. Over time, if you read a lot, the payoff you will see in your writing and the ways and means you will have available to express yourself will be astounding, much like you will not recognize yourself physically if you make and keep the commitment to go to the gym every single day.

Like I said, some of my business mentors aren’t crazy about reading in and of itself, but they do it because of the difference it makes.

What difference would it make for you to read a little every day — say, ten pages?

I assert you would be learning new words and expanding your vocabulary by learning to use familiar words in new ways. You would get great coaching by masterful writers on how to construct language in the most artistic and most effective way possible.

It’s impossible to read that many good examples that often and not have some of that rub off into your own writing! I promise.

So, are you willing to take my challenge? Leave a comment and let me know!


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