The Power of starting conversations!

We now have at least sixty aspiring and accomplished writers in our writing group, Write to Impact the World!

Our next meetup is scheduled for this Sunday! If you’re in central New Jersey and would like to learn more or join us, please visit:

This will probably be the last meetup we have before our one year anniversary month in November!

We’re planning big things for the group, including an all-day writers workshop in either November or December! Details to follow!

One of the things that I’m starting to see in the group, which is encouraging and which is the title of this post and my main thought for today, is that the members of the group are taking it upon themselves to start conversations!

Starting conversations is a powerful context in which to live life! One of the main focuses of this writers group in the last year has not been critiquing each other’s work (although there have been opportunities for that, and there will be others in the future), or even public readings or sharing (although our August essayist Carla was a huge success), but creating an empowering conversation for what’s possible for each of us as individual writers and for us collectively as a group.

I’m also excited about making this a theme for myself also as a freelance writer. Part of what was so exciting about the work I did this past weekend, which I wrote about in some detail in my last entry, was that the documents I created were not just individual pieces of writing or writing projects that would stay with the individual client but literally documents that could help these people to move their lives forward, and create new opportunities for themselves and their lives… in summary, to create new conversations in the world.

What new conversations would you like to create?

One of my intentions in creating and maintaining this freelance writing blog is not just to promote myself and the organizations, opportunities and businesses I manage — although if you’d like to connect with me or find out more about what I do, you’re welcome to contact me at

I want this to be a much broader discussion of what makes writing effective, how improving your own writing and communication skills or hiring a professional to help you can profoundly impact your life, and how important it is to reach others through self-expression in this short, fragile life we’ve been given.

One of the best measures I think is manifested in the process of creating an ongoing, powerful conversation that makes a profound difference in the world is the measure of participation. (I think it’s a great way, incidentally, to also create an awesome relationship, build a profitable business, or design a huge organization that impacts many). If no one is playing the game, whatever that game may be, the impact of the conversation is limited!

Therefore, I invite you to join me in this conversation we’re creating about using the written word effectively and powerfully! What thoughts do you have? You’re welcome to post them as comments on this blog, to email me privately, or to join our writers group and join in the conversation that’s already happening there!

Thanks for reading! I’d love to get your feedback and I appreciate your time!


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