Creating a narrative…

One of the things I’m clear about in terms of writing a resume, or updating one, is that it’s much different than a cover letter, providing references, filling out an application, participating in an interview, or creating a portfolio.

I will address all of these different career tools in separate blog post entries, as I specialize in all of these items, but today I want to extemporize generally on what it means to create a narrative.

What is a narrative? A narrative is the story that you tell about yourself. Think of your entire history: the jobs that you’ve had, the education that you’ve acquired, and the experience that you’ve gained, as telling a story about yourself!

Obviously, this story is meant to be presented in the best possible light, and the moral of the story, if effectively communicated to a prospective employer, is that you could be a valuable asset to the company and the mission that company is out to accomplish.

Think of your resume, then, as a snapshot of that history and what it tells people about you. Like most things in life, what happened is not always as important as what was learned from what happened.

The potential employer will always be asking this question: Does this applicant have the skills, the ability to learn, and the desire to do the job and to grow in this career path?

Also, the resume is the key career tool, but it’s not the only one. The cover letter, the interview, and the portfolio help to build upon the snapshot that the resume gives to show an expanded vision and more evidence for who you are and what you can provide!

Of course, if you’re interested in help with your resume or any of your career tools, you’re always welcome to contact me! I can be reached at or at 848-248-0143.

I will be elaborating on many of the thoughts in this blog post in the days to come, but please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts here! Let’s engage in a dialogue!


2 thoughts on “Creating a narrative…

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  2. Thanks for helping me and Ken with his college essay! With your help, he will be starting Seton Hall University in the spring! Thank Brian! 🙂

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