Inventing the future!

Here at Transitional Tenses (my company, and the theme of this blog), I’m interested in inventing the future.

What does that mean? Well, it means that the reason that I created Transitional Tenses was to generate freelance writing clients and to build upon a record of success and book of business I’d already developed.

However, I’m interested in going beyond the obvious and the predictable.

For example, today I’m facilitating and leading a webinar for professionals in transition for a networking group in which I participate, about using social media tools and leveraging the newest technologies to advance your career.

To experiment with promoting the webinar, I created a video where I talk about some of the topics I hope to cover. You can watch that video here:

For awhile now, I’ve been offering freelance writing services with a slant towards helping people write and revise resumes. Now that I’m training others to utilize technology of all kinds in their career advancement, I’d like to integrate some of these services into the work I’m doing with Transitional Tenses.

For example, rather than just creating a written resume document, the savvy professional in transition today can very easily create and upload a video resume, and compile a multimedia portfolio that can be uploaded to networking websites or burned to a CD or DVD to be sent to or shared with employers.

Whether or not employers are using some of these technological developments and strategies in their hunt for quality employees, any professional who leverages these tools is bound to distinguish themselves as someone who is forward thinking, technologically savvy and willing to take risks and try new things!

I’m excited about the conversation I’ll be facilitating today and the work we’ll accomplish on the webinar. I will let you know how it turns out!


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