What is the cult of busy?

Dear readers,

I was taking a look at one of my favorite technology webcasts the other day, Cranky Geeks, and one of the headlines on a recent episode was, “The Cult of Busy”… I haven’t watched the episode yet so I’m not clear what that means, but I’m interested in your thoughts about that.

This blog is all about becoming proficient with the written word. I am a freelance writer and one of my specialties is resume writing, and I’m clear that often crafting an effective resume is about framing your experience in a way that communicates both what you’ve done and also what you’re up to and the future that you’re creating, such that an employer is enticed to interview you and pursue you for a potential position or opportunity.

At a recent job interview, the interviewer looking at my resume couldn’t understand how I could make time for a job given all of the projects and part-time work with which I’m already engaged. The interview was very flat and I ended up letting them know that I wasn’t interested in pursuing the position further.

In contrast, at another interview recently for a part-time sales position, I realized in the interview that I didn’t have a lot of sales experience, and that was a concern for the person interviewing me. How I rescued the interview was by pointing to the seven years of personal development and training programs I have done that will help me to overcome any sales skills I might lack so that I can keep a positive attitude while managing setbacks and enduring the learning curve of becoming an effective salesperson.

An effective resume for me is all about creating a viable narrative that tells a story that speaks to the person who is interested in hiring you or working with you.

If we’re not telling a compelling story, all that’s left is a fragmented series of circumstances and situations… perhaps a cult of busy! Without knowing the context of this phrase, it sounds like we all might be trapped in a cult of busy… a cult, because our society and culture pulls for a context in which we are constantly rushed, harried, and unfocused, and never truly satisfied or productive.

Those are some of my thoughts on the phrase. I’m curious what you think?

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Cranky Geeks, check it out at

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