Going beyond just being a technician… finding the art in life.

Dear readers,

One of the things that I love about networking, and more recently, sales, is that it is unpredictable and there are infinite possibilities.

When you are really engaged with someone and listening to what they have to say, it is uncertain where the conversation will go. If both parties stay open, it could go anywhere.

One of my colleagues let me borrow a copy of a book called “The E-Myth Revisited”, which is about how, to be a successful entrepreneur, it’s necessary to go beyond just being a skilled technician and become masterful and artful in all areas of running a business. While I’m still new and exploring this concept, what intrigues me about this idea is that of finding the art and creativity in something, whether that be in building a business, conducting a webinar, or transforming the written word.

If you are an enterpreneur or interested in these ideas, check them out here!

I’m clear that when the written word is transformed from just words to a cohesive narrative that says something of significance, the technical aspect of the piece will be less important than the message the writing conveys. I am standing as an experienced freelance writer as someone who can create written communication where the whole is more than the parts.

And why bother? I assert that when you discover the art of writing and communicating with words, the people with whom you are communicating are left inspired, uplifted, and taking action that they otherwise would not have taken. Life becomes a joy, not a burden, and the words that you use and the message that you express becomes an access to making a real difference in the world, instead of just something to do.

Here are a few of my audio thoughts on this topic!


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