Leaving on a Jet Plane…

… and I know when I’ll be back again! 🙂

Posting to my blog two days in a row?  Is that even possible?  Yes, it’s possible, and I know that because it happened!

I’m up early because I am leaving this morning for San Diego for weekend five and the completion of a one-year leadership and training and development program called the Team, Management and Leadership Program that I’ve been in with a wonderful, life-changing company called Landmark Education.

I’ve participated in several courses at Landmark, and I’ve gotten so much out of just this last one that I don’t even know where to begin!

But, I just wanted to chime in again real quick, since I was shocked at just how easy it is to post a new blog entry, and I intend on doing it much more often, perhaps even every day!  Gasp!

I will be sharing after this weekend what I got out of participating in this extraordinary program, especially in regards to how it has impacted and will impacted my writing, my self-expression, and my freelance writing business.

I also would like to share my experiences of San Diego, where I’ve never been before, and travel, which I quite enjoy, especially when I am able to do it with friends and respected colleagues!

Have you been to San Diego?  Do you like to travel?  Ever done an intensive, one-year leadership program?  Operators are standing by (or you could just comment!)


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