Being part of the 5% — a new era for Transitional Tenses…

Dear reader,

I read a statistic recently that as many as 95% of blogs don’t last — they are started and then they are never updated, or they never get a following or never quite take off, and are eventually abandoned.

I thought that was an interesting statistic as I read or heard a similar statistic about small businesses (as in, up to 95% of small businesses and start-ups don’t make it, flop, shutter and close their doors in a very short period of time, a couple of years or so)…

Where did I hear these statistics?  Good question!  The answer is: I have no idea.  I guess you’ll just have to trust my short term memory for now, hahaha.

However, what I think is interesting about this is that the inherent lesson of this statistic, assuming it’s accurate, is that surviving, persisting and being consistent is most of the trick to being successful and effective — in blogging, and in life.

Most blogs don’t make it, meaning that just like small businesses, most endeavors are created and started in a flash of insight or creativity, but then for a variety of reasons, they just don’t make it.

The insight that I see here is that survival is already an accomplishment, and that expanding and growing the endeavor is the goal — not just keeping the business open but having the business thrive and prosper, not just having the blog still exist but consistently contributing to it, having more people reading and commenting on the blog, etc.

I want everything that I do — this blog, my freelance writing company, Transitional Tenses, as a whole, and everything that I’m up to in my life — be prospering, expanding, and growing.

One of the things that I see has been missing with this blog has been the inconsistency of it — my last post was back in February! (It’s now July.)

So, I intend of visiting the well more often, but I want those visits to be more valuable as well.  To that end, I want what I write or contribute to this blog to be valuable information that you can use in your life, , not just my general musings and thoughts, especially if you are interested in the written word and language!

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment here or email me directly here: Email Transitional Tenses


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