Hug a Tree Today!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Also, this just in — I am still alive and well!  I mention it because it’s been awhile since I updated this blog!  But I’m back, and bigger and better than ever!

Did you do something to let Yo Mama (Mother Earth) know you love her today?

An associate of mine gave me several seedlings to plant she got at her local Arbor Day celebration!  My wife and I decided that our beautifully wooded front and back yard are currently at capacity — we have several beautiful oak trees in our front and back yard — but I brought the mini-trees into work and  one of my coworkers has already adopted one of the trees to plant in her yard.  Mission accomplished!

It’s a beautiful world we’re living in, folks, and it makes sense to take good care of it — and ourselves, so we have as much time as possible to enjoy it!

That’s it for me, for now… Just wanted to declare that I exist, and so does this blog, still!

Whether or not you hug a tree today, do something, even if it’s just symbolic — taking a deep breath of fresh air, thanking God that it’s finally Spring! — to acknowledge and honor our environment and all that it does for us!


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