I got a Masters degree today (+). I am, however, not yet employed (-). Here’s an attempt to reconcile those two things.

Great thoughts about the career transition process: the good, the bad, and the insightful!

The Context Of Things

That’s a video of me ice skating in about 2007. As you can see, I’m a total goddamn wreck. I embedded that video above because (a) it’s moderately funny and (b) short and (c) somewhat encapsulates how I feel at this exact moment. I got a Masters degree today, which is a notable accomplishment. (Go Me!) But I got it from a program almost exclusively designed to get you a job, and … I don’t yet have one. This isn’t such a big deal — people finish graduate school without jobs all the time, including a few of my friends from the program I was in — but sometimes it’s a challenge to process. I wrote about this a little bit in April, so I won’t go too deep on it here. I’ve been in this headspace around graduation and jobs and no jobs for the better…

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