Celebrating Independence, the Freedom to Be…

Dear readers,

I hope you had a great independence day!

In the world of network marketing (I am a LegalShield associate), July 4th is often an opportunity to declare your “financial independence”… This is an idea I find compelling and inspiring, as I hope to build my business to the point where I can work from home exclusively and be a stay-at-home dad!

However, no matter what’s important to you, the second half of the year — July to December — is an opportunity to get realigned with what matters, discard what doesn’t, and refocus on your priorities!

Just over a week ago, I had the privilege to facilitate a webinar for a meetup group I created and help run, Write to Impact the World.  The topic, dear reader, was blogging with WordPress — how to get started, how to get focused and how to thrive!

So, to honor that commitment, and thanks to a couple of new readers from the writers group, I’m posting for the first time in a long while, with the hope that my ruminations will become more regular and interesting, to me and those who dare to join my inner monologue!

Let’s chat!  What’s important to you?  I would love to hear from you!  🙂


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